12-14 August 2021
Lima, Perú
America/Lima timezone
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How rare are the Sun and our Solar System?

13 Aug 2021, 09:00
Lima, Perú

Lima, Perú

Centro de Investigación de la Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
Astronomy and Cosmology key notes


Jorge Melendez (Univ. Sao Paulo)


The solar system is a reference for life in the universe, but according to our HARPS/ESO solar twin planet survey, and also based on previous studies in the literature, probably only a small fraction of planetary systems is similar to ours. We are studying different properties of the Sun compared to solar twins, to investigate how common the Sun is, and to assess the possible connection between anomalies in the Sun and the rarity of our Solar System.

Primary author

Jorge Melendez (Univ. Sao Paulo)

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