24-26 September 2020
Lima, Perú
America/Lima timezone
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Studies of hadron polarization and single-spin asymmetry in reactions invoving photons ans leptons

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Lima, Perú

Lima, Perú

Centro de Investigación de la Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería
poster Nuclear and Particles Poster session


Dr Carlos Javier Solano Salinas (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria)


A phenomenological model which has had some success in explaining polarization phenomena and left-right asymmetry in inclusive proton-proton scattering is considered for reactions involving photons. In particular, the reactions (a) g + p -> H + X; (b) g + p() -> p± + X and (c) p() -> + p -> g + X are considered where g = resolved photon and hyperon H = L, S, X etc. Predictions for hyperon polarization in (a) and the asymmetry (in (b) and (c)) provide further tests of this particular model. Feasibility of observing (b) at HERA and the effect of the polarization of the sea in the proton in p() + p -> p± + X is briefly discussed

Primary author


Dr Carlos Javier Solano Salinas (Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria)

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